20 Ugliest Grammy Outfits of All Time

Posted in Humor on Jan 20th, 2019

As a musical entertainer in the industry, there is no higher achievement than winning a Grammy. Everyone is who is someone has earned their little gold trophy. Of course, before the show can actually take place, the red carpet must be rolled out, and the stars show up in their very best in anticipation of winning big. While the Grammys are usually met with elegance and class, there are countless stars who have shown up in seriously tragic outfits. These 20 outfits will go down in fashion history as the worst we’ve ever seen.

20. Lady Gaga - 2010

Lady Gaga joined forces with designers at Armani to create this outlandish ensemble. Literally dressed like a star, Gaga’s corn-yellow hair was as eye-catching as her geometric dress. Gaga gets her usual props for creativity, but that doesn't excuse the ridiculousness of this dress.

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