Actors You Would Listen to Read the Phone Book

Posted in Humor on Jan 17th, 2019

Some actors have got the looks that steal every scene; others have the irresistible charm that you just can’t put your finger on. Then, there’s a very select group of actors who sound so damn good that you could just close your eyes and let their words ooze through you like hot chocolate. This list is dedicated to the latter, and as soon as we say their names, you’ll probably get a weird (but oh so good) shiver up your spine just thinking about how powerful their voices are. Even if they read the phone book.

13. Anthony Hopkins

If you could pick any actor to read you a scary story, you’d probably have to go with Hopkins. His delivery in The Silence of the Lambs really cemented his place as lord of the dark and creepy voice, and everything he’s done since then has really made it shine. Anthony Hopkins has one of those voices that will forever go down in history, probably longer than the memory of his great acting chops ever do, and it’s like an ASMR experience in itself.

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