Celebrities on the Street Are Just Like You and Me!

Posted in Humor on Jan 20th, 2019

It's so easy to get bogged down when you're dragging a shopping cart through the checkout with your kids in tow all snotty and wailing - especially when you see the celeb du jour on a magazine all perfect. Gleaming teeth, clean, hip clothes with a body that's somehow defied gravity. How can it be possible? So, what's better than seeing celebrities in their natural habitat without the help of their staff and minders orchestrating every little detail? Nothing! Celebs spotted on the street prove one thing is constant - we all can look perfect under the right light, and in real life, we've all got a bit of grime under our nails.

23. Hudson and Hathaway Take New York

Being a celebrity doesn’t look all that glamorous when you get a glimpse of this shot of Anne Hathaway and Kate Hudson. Taken in New York City while filming Bride Wars, they look damp, cold, and somewhat introspective. As if they may be questioning the series of events that brought them to this moment. Rumor has it the pair had just about enough of each other off-screen as well as on. I wish I could afford to have an attitude problem.

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