Hollywood's Most Overrated Actors of All Time

Posted in Humor on Jan 17th, 2019

There have been far too many movies that became blockbuster hits without any talent behind the camera. From Twilight to Pirates of the Caribbean, commercial successes can turn a case of bad acting into a recognizable title and face. Sure, every actor has that one movie early in their career where the performance is lackluster, but most actors learn from their past mistakes and fine-tune their craft well enough to earn an eventual Oscar nomination. These actors never got the memo and have become better known as the most overrated actors Hollywood has ever celebrated.

16. Kevin Hart

Once you’ve heard one Kevin Hart joke, you’ve heard them all. There is only so much yelling one person can handle in one sitting, and 90 minutes of Kevin Hart loudly blabbing is no one’s cup of tea. And if he’s not yelling jokes, he’s crying them. Enough is enough.

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