The 15 Greatest Dancing With the Stars Contestants of All Time

Posted in Humor on Jan 20th, 2019

For over 13 years, Americans have been tuning in to watch their favorite celebrities try to tackle another challenging role – dancing – with mixed and entertaining results. Dancing with the Stars is now in its 25th season and shows no signs of slowing down, but what have been some of the more memorable contestants that we’ve seen over the years? We’re here to count down the most popular celebrities on Dancing with the Stars and what made them so lovable.

15. Donny Osmond

Donny Osmond proudly took home the mirrored trophy on season 9 of Dancing with the Stars, and also made history as the oldest contestant to ever win the title. Osmond later joked that he even outpolled sister and former DWTS contestant, Marie Osmond, and his cheeky personality no doubt had a lot to do with his success.

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