The Real Cost of Hogwarts: 16 Things the Students Have to Pay For

Posted in Humor on Jan 20th, 2019

Sure, Harry Potter is a fantasy story, but there’s one thing you can’t help but think when you’re reading the books or watching the movies –the supplies at Hogwarts school must be damn expensive! J.K Rowling has said before that the students don’t pay anything to attend Hogwarts, but they would have to drop a fair bit on the essentials. Here are some things that the kids of Hogwarts have to fork over the cash for.

16. Broomstick

Sure, you could fashion one of these yourself with some twigs and a branch, but who has the time? There are some free brooms available during certain classes, but you won’t become a Quidditch master without your own to practice with. Harry himself sports a few different ones over the years, giving us all major broom envy.

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