10 Successful Hollywood Shotgun Marriages

Posted in Inspiration on Jan 20th, 2019

In the past, a shotgun marriage was used to describe a couple forced to wed after getting pregnant. Today, the phrase doesn’t mean the same thing. Shotgun marriages are last minute nuptials taken before a baby is born. Hollywood stars have a lot of temptation thrown at them from sexy co-stars to nubile fans who will do anything to get a candid picture of their favorite celebrity. Here's ten Hollywood couples who had shotgun weddings. Most of these couples have been successful in keeping their families together, despite the temptations of tinsel town. Sadly, not everyone can make their marriage work despite their good intentions.

10. Thomas Sadoski and Amanda Seyfried

Amanda Seyfried and Thomas Sadoski met while filming The Way We Get By. At the time, Sadoski was still married to casting director Kimberly Hope whom he divorced in October of 2015. The pair began dating on the set of The Last Word. They announced their engagement in September of 2016. The couple sneaked away to the Californian countryside with the officiant and eloped. They welcomed their daughter into the world a few weeks later. The media captured them in New York City enjoying a bonding day out without their child in May of 2018.

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