15 Kylie Jenner Baby Quotes That Prove She Was Ready For the Job

Posted in Inspiration on Jan 20th, 2019

15 Kylie Jenner Baby Quotes That Prove She Was Ready For the Job

At a mere 20 years-old, Kylie Jenner was already leading a lavish life filled with reality-TV cameras, a social media empire, cosmetic lines and more. Then she went and did something we all thought surely was impossible. Kylie Jenner became a mum, and not only that, it turns out she's a really good mother! Who would've known? Kylie Jenner for one did. Here's our list of 15 Kylie Jenner Baby Quotes That Prove She Was Ready For the Job.

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15. She Had Her Cravings on Point

We all saw her visit the drive-thru and order up a huge feast of fried food on her pregnancy announcement video, but Kylie also had another interesting craving. When asked by fans on Twitter what the one thing was that she wanted during pregnancy she answered: "Eggos!!! I never liked them before I was pregnant & haven’t had one since I had her. So strange! Lol". This quintessential pregnancy craving shows us she meant business.

14. She Avoided the Dangerous Stuff

We definitely know that she didn't deprive herself of any of her favorite foods while pregnant unless of course, they were on the list of what all healthy pregnant women should avoid. Fans asked her what the worst part of her pregnancy was and she was glowing about the whole experience, except "not being able to eat sushi lol."

13. She Couldn't Wait Until Her Goal Age

In an episode of Keeping up With the Kardashians, Kylie, 18 at the time, was speaking with her father Caitlyn Jenner about future plans to start a family. Caitlyn advised that 30 was an ideal age to have kids but Kylie didn't want to wait that long, stating it was far too late and 25 was more her style. When she finally gave birth to Stormi this year she was just 20, which means she must have wanted this even more than we thought.

12. She Doesn't Seem Done

Although she's only just given birth to her first daughter, the lip kit mogul has hinted multiple times that she wants more than one. "When I look to the far future and decide to have kids, I need to have a million girls. ... Having sisters is the best."And if she's anything like her sisters, we can certainly expect at least three in her brood.

11. She Wanted to Keep Her Future Baby Private

Before she went through the most secretive pregnancy that Hollywood had ever seen, Kylie was hinting to us how important it would be to do things privately once she had a baby on board. In a 2016 interview with Elle Magazine, she said, "Once I have a kid, I'm not going to be on Instagram. You know, I'll probably delete my Instagram and just … I don't know, live life." Although she didn't exactly stick to this so far, she had the protective mama bear intentions in mind.

10. She Succeeded In A Private Pregnancy

Though she might not be so private now that Stormi has been born, Kylie managed to keep her pregnancy under wraps. We were all guessing for months and months about whether or not she was pregnant, and when she revealed it all on Instagram after the birth, the world lost their mind. "My pregnancy was one I chose not to do in front of the world. I knew for myself I needed to prepare for this role of a lifetime in the most positive, stress-free, and healthy way I knew how."

9. She Already Misses Being Pregnant

This is good news for anyone hoping to see another Scott/Jenner baby with Kylie already saying how much she misses the pregnancy experience. "Pregnancy has been the most beautiful, empowering, and life-changing experience I’ve had in my entire life and I’m actually going to miss it,” Kylie said, signaling more babies are yet to come.

8. She's Always Wanted to Put Kids First

We're not sure how much of this one we can believe, but the social media megastar claimed in 2015 that she would gladly give up the celebrity life to spend with her kids. “I would love to have a family and build a home with a farm in Malibu Canyon and just have my kids and throw away my phone." We might believe that one when we see it.

7. She Asked For Psychic Guidance on Motherhood

Kylie has admitted to seeing several psychics before and quizzing them about motherhood in her future, showing just how important this was for her to achieve. "Every psychic said I'm only gonna have two kids,” she told Caitlyn Jenner on an episode of KUWTK.

6. She Wants A Million Kids

From a family that's fairly dominated by women, it's probably no wonder that Kylie wants to have plenty of them herself. She's previously stated her dream of having many daughters to adore and already has a start with Stormi. Jenner told Teen Vogue in 2015, "When I look to the far future and decide to have kids, I need to have a million girls."

5. She Made A Great Dog Mom First

If being a stellar dog mother is anything to go by when it comes to real parenting, we always knew Jenner would knock it out of the park. Owner of multiple dogs who get to share her lavish lifestyle, Kylie told People magazine, “I do want kids. Who doesn’t want kids? My dogs feel like my little kids.”

4. She Waited for the Perfect Partner

We all had a feeling that the Kylie and Tyga train wouldn't be running all that long, but it seemed that as soon as we learned of their split, she was pregnant with Travis Scott. This might indicate that Kylie knew things with Tyga weren't a forever thing and only had to wait for the right baby daddy to come along. "I hope the person I’m dating is obsessed with me," she said in her TV show Life of Kylie, and it seems that Travis definitely is.

3. She Loved Childbirth

When answering questions on her Twitter about the pregnancy, a fan commented that they were scared about their upcoming birth. "I wasn’t afraid! & you shouldn’t be either. We were made for this," was the inspirational message she shared with other women.

2. Her Baby Names Were All Picked Out Years Ago

Many women can be guilty of doing this, but not usually when you're a teenager. The cosmetics mogul told subscribers to her app, "I keep a list in my phone of names I like for my future kids. But they're my secrets for now." With Stormi being quite an unusual name we can't help but wonder which ones were on the list that didn't make the cut.

1. Her Sisters Were Her Momspiration

It would be hard not to catch baby fever when you're hanging out with the Kardashian sisters, and it seems that they had a lot of impact on Kylie's decision to have her own at a young age. "I want kids for sure. And I feel like seeing you guys go through everything, it’s great knowledge."

It was the not-so-secret pregnancy that stunned the world, but it seems that Kylie Jenner's foray into motherhood wasn't really all that shocking when you look at the evidence. Whether the Lip Kit mogul was speaking to fans after giving birth to little Stormi Webster or growing up on camera on Keeping Up With the Kardashians and revealing her true self, it seems Kylie was made for this motherhood gig.

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