16 Amazing Actors Who Used to Be Incredible Athletes

Posted in Inspiration on Jan 19th, 2019

Sometimes in life, people are blessed with more than just one incredible talent, and for some of Hollywood’s biggest superstars, this couldn’t be truer. Many of our favorite actors and celebrities had quite a successful past before they hit it big on the screen, so we’re here to count down the actors who used to be incredible athletes, with findings that might blow your mind.

16. Vinnie Jones

He’s the hit star of many action-packed films and a personal favorite in many of Guy Ritchie’s movies, but Vinnie Jones didn’t start out with dreams of becoming an actor. Jones was a hugely successful soccer player who played for such teams as Leeds United, Chelsea, and Wimbledon, and thankfully for us, his tough guy ways transcended just perfectly to the screen.

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