18 Secrets You Never Knew About Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

Posted in Inspiration on Jan 20th, 2019

Recently dubbed the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle is living the wildest dream of every ordinary girl. Matched up with Prince Harry by a mutual friend, the two immediately hit it off and were quick to seal the deal. Officially wed on May 19th, people all over the world celebrated their nuptials, putting all of the past rumors and controversy behind them. But now that the wedding is over let's have a look back on all the royal secrets the royal couple wishes could stay dead!

18. Harry used to get into trouble!

Whether it was London or Las Vegas, Prince Harry used to be quite the globe-trotting partier. Indulging in plenty of the world's various nightlife scenes, Harry got caught cozied up to several ladies, drinking a little too much and behaving less than royally. When pictures of Harry playing strip billiards with a few friends surfaced online, the royal powers that be decided to put their foot down. Harry soon issued a public apology for his raunchy decisions!

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