21 Strangest and Sexiest Celebrity Halloween Costumes

Posted in Inspiration on Jan 20th, 2019

With Halloween coming up just around the corner, celebrities and celebrators are crafting their cleverest costume ideas. The one time a year when dressing as someone else is completely acceptable is also the time of year where celebrities want to be caught by paparazzi in their outlandish getups. These celebrities totally nailed their costumes and top our list of the strangest and sexiest Halloween costumes ever!

21. Heidi Klum as Michael Jackson's Thriller Werewolf

In almost any given situation, Heidi Klum’s stunning appearance could grab the attention of everyone in any given room. Known for her annual A-list Halloween parties, the supermodel is notorious for opting for more spooky than sexy costumes. Honoring the late King of Pop, Michael Jackson, in a terrifying “Thriller” werewolf costume, Klum was the terror of her own ball!

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