Celebrities Who Have Been Knighted

Posted in Inspiration on Jan 20th, 2019

The concept of knighthood from the medieval era to today has not changed. Much. Where once it was a status symbol for military men to receive full armor on a gallant horse, today it is an honor granted by the Queen to recognize outstanding accomplishments in society. In many cases today, knighthood is granted to those outstanding achievers in the fields of entertainment that have done exceptionally well in their chosen platforms or contributed substantially to the world as a result. Knighthood is an honor traditionally granted by the British monarchy and isn’t just given to men, either. Any member of the Commonwealth can receive the distinction, with men being given the title “Sir” as in “Sir Paul McCartney” or Dame, for the ladies.

15. Not Sir Bono – It's Complicated

It was 2007 when Bono of the legendary pop band U2 received his knighthood, but obtaining his wasn’t as easily as others. It’s not bad enough that one has to fight poverty, foreign policy, and contribute exceptionally to the world of entertainment to receive a knighthood. One also has to have citizenship matters organized. Really? It seems anyone in the world can get a knighthood. That’s true. But NOT everybody can be called “Sir” or “Dame” unless they’re a citizen of the Commonwealth, which Ireland native Paul Hewson, aka Bono, is not. The honor was awarded by Her Majesty the Queen, but presented in Dublin to Paul Hewson at the home of the British Ambassador in 2007.

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