Celebs Send Love to Victims of Humboldt Bus Crash

Posted in Inspiration on Jan 19th, 2019

Friday, April 6th marked the dreaded day where many young hockey players would never be the same again. Struck by the tragedy that befell the many members of the team on board the bus, people from all over North America used social media to send their condolences. Of those many were plenty of celebrities who grieved alongside the many affected by the accident.

15. Tragedy Strikes

With over two dozen young athletes, chaperones and staff members on board, the Humboldt Broncos set off on their journey to a playoff game in Nipawin, Saskatchewan. In the blink of an eye, a semi-trailer truck failed to obey a stop sign and collided with the Broncos' coach bus. 16 on board were killed, and 13 more were injured.

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