11 Royal Family Pets We Wish We Could Trade Places With

Posted in Lifestyle on Jan 17th, 2019

We’re not sure about you, but if we could come back reincarnated as anything, it’d probably be one of the royal family’s pets. These pooches and felines have lived a life of luxury throughout the years, thanks to their royal owners, and without having to do any of the boring stuff like ribbon cutting or meeting with boring official people. Check out our these royal family pets we wish we could trade places with (yes, even those that are no longer with us) and be prepared to turn green with envy over a dog.

11. Queen Elizabeth II's Corgis

No doubt the most famous of the royal pets, and probably the most spoiled, we present to you Queen Elizabeth II’s corgis. Over the years she’s had purebred corgis and those that are mixed (oh, the horror!) and although some have passed she still has a couple around that she likes to spoil. According to the royal trainer, these pooches don’t eat canned dog food and instead have chefs making their meals which are then delivered in porcelain bowls. These dogs also often make it into the royal family portraits, finely groomed. Where do we sign up?

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