12 Celebrities Who Met Their Significant Other on Social Media

Posted in Lifestyle on Jan 17th, 2019

Celebrities are rich, famous, and sexy, but that doesn't mean their love lives are all straight-forward and easy. Dating in the modern age is tough for all of us, even celebrities. It's no surprise that many high-profile personalities decide to browse social media or an online dating app to find their next heart's delight. Here are 12 celebrities who all relied on the Internet to find love, no matter how fleeting.

12. Rita Ora and Calvin Harris

The relationship ended between Rita Ora and Calvin Harris, the way it began, on Twitter. The musicians dated for a year in 2013 and eventually produced their number one single I Will Never Let You Down. But Harris did let down Ora via Twitter. Rita didn't expect him to dump her on social media. A source close to Rita said, "Rita was left embarrassed when he Tweeted that it was all over. She didn't think he was going to make the announcement, so she was shocked."

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