13 Stars Who Ended Up Marrying Their Mistresses

Posted in Lifestyle on Jan 17th, 2019

Hollywood is full of salacious rumors and gossip about infidelity and cheating, but what about when they actually turn out to be true? In these cases, not only did the celebs cheat on their significant others, but they even ended up marrying them and subsequently gave the gossip mags months of stories to run with. Check out these stars who ended up marrying their mistresses and who also didn’t seem that guilty about it at all.

13. Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony

Although J-Lo has moved on now to A-Rod, there was a time when she was the mistress to Marc Anthony. The spicy singer was married to his ex-wife Dayanara Torres when he reportedly started an affair with Lopez, prompting him to leave her and marry Lopez instead. They went on to have twins together, but the marriage ended in 2011 with divorce papers being signed in 2014.

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