14 Balding Celebrities Who Wear A Secret Hairpiece

Posted in Lifestyle on Jan 17th, 2019

Holywood is a fickle place, and it’s not just the women who have high standards to uphold. While some guys just own the bald head and don’t bother trying to hang onto their last scraps of hair, there are others who aren’t ready to let go just yet. We’ve found some leading and receding men who have been known to wear a hairpiece now and then, with most of them being glaringly obvious.

14. Jason Alexander

George Costanza went through many efforts to cover up his balding ways on Seinfeld. There was that terrible toupee or the hair growth cream from China, but none of them seemed to work. That hasn’t stopped the real-life George, Jason Alexander, from stepping out with an obvious hairpiece at some public events, which thankfully he seems to have stopped doing now.

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