15 Celebs Who Left Their Partner for Someone of the Same Gender

Posted in Lifestyle on Jan 17th, 2019

They say romance is dead, but it’s nothing compared to the flurry of couplings in Hollywood. At times, it can feel as though celebrities simply can’t be on their own for very long. It’s also a thing when a celebrity relationship breaks up (can we give a shoutout to Brangelina?) and a different one entirely when one celeb leaves their partner for someone of the same sex. This has happened more than you’d think but also, perhaps, not enough.

15. Julie Cypher

Before Ellen Degeneres came out on her show, there were two famous lesbians that everyone knew. Those guitar-wielding lesbians were K.D. Lang and Melissa Etheridge. One of Melissa Etheridge’s former beaus and mother to two of her children, Julie Cypher, wasn’t always with women. Before the two met, Cypher was a burgeoning filmmaker engaged to La Bamba’s Lou Diamond Phillips. (He’s the guy you’ve seen in that one movie). Their relationship then came to an end the same year that Cypher and Etheridge got together. Coincidence?

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