15 Crazy Celebrity Hobbies That You Didn't Know About

Posted in Lifestyle on Jan 20th, 2019

We often look past the imperfections of our beloved celebrities because they’re just so cool and good looking. Sometimes though, they try to slip something past us that seriously hurts their cool factor and causes us to rethink their superstar status. We’ve uncovered 15 Crazy Celebrity Hobbies That You Didn’t Know About to prove that deep down, Hollywood stars are just big ol’ dorks like the rest of us and love some pretty shameful things.

15. Nick Offerman

Nick’s most famous role is burly, deadpan, government hating Ron Swanson, and we’re pleased to know that he’s somewhat like him in real life. Just like Parks and Rec‘s Ron, Nick is a serious woodworker and even has his own woodworking shop where he makes high end commission pieces. His manly factor just shot up another 100%.

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