20 Crazy Facts About Jennifer Lawrence

Posted in Lifestyle on Jan 17th, 2019

She shot to fame with an Academy Award nomination and a YA franchise under her belt. The “she” in question is Jennifer Lawrence, everyone’s favorite foulmouth, foot-in-mouth superstar actress. Born in 1990, she’s been making movies since 2008, and two years later, she got her big break. That big break was the indie movie Winter’s Bone. Also, to combat the seriousness of it, she also appeared in X-Men: First Class. Although Jennifer Lawrence already has a crazy amount of hit flicks under her belt, it’s her personality we love the most.

20. She Knew She Was Destined for Stardom

Although she says it sounds crazy–and she’s right, it kind of does–JLaw always knew she was going to be famous. Apparently, the actress used to lie awake at night wondering where her career would take her. Would she be a motivational speaker? A news reader? No, fame definitely had other plans.

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