21 Celebrities With a Dark Past You Never Knew About

Posted in Lifestyle on Jan 20th, 2019

More recently than ever, celebrities have found that the past can not and will never always stay dead no matter how much they wish it would. Thanks to the world wide web things from a dark past remains a secret for long, and these celebrities will never escape them! How many have you heard of?

21. Matthew Broderick

While vacationing in Ireland, Matthew Broderick did what most tourists to the United Kingdom do and rented a car for the duration of his stay. Forgetting that Brits drive on the opposite side of the road, Broderick veered into the wrong lane and crashed head-on into a Volvo. The impact instantly killed the two women inside of the car and left Broderick with a broken leg and collapsed lung. Broderick avoided jail time and was instead slapped with a $175 fee for reckless driving.

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