Fascinating Royal Families That Aren't in the British Monarchy

Posted in Lifestyle on Jan 20th, 2019

Princess Diana is one of the most beloved figures of Royalty of all time, and her popularity has remained consistent in the two decades after her death. She brought new life to the British monarchy. There are, however, many fascinating royal families are not connected to the infamous British monarchy. Here are some that are unforgettable.

15. Prince Khaled Alwaleed bin Talal Puts a Vegan Spin on Royalty

While controversies are surrounding the Saudi Arabia royal family, it would be hard to find fault with Prince Khaled Alwaleed bin Talal. This open-minded, compassionate royal has brought a cruelty-free way of life to the country in a big way. He is also taking the responsibility he has with his wealth seriously. He opened two investment firms in Dubai with leather-free furniture and animal-free decor. In addition to following a vegan lifestyle,  Prince Khaled Alwaleed bin Talal invests in cruelty-free businesses and helps empower others who are using their ideas to help make the world a better place.

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