Long Live the Queen, but What Happens When Queen Elizabeth Dies?

Posted in Lifestyle on Jan 20th, 2019

Queen Elizabeth is a well-respected leader, and support for her is high in England. She did face some backlash in the past regarding the way she handled the death of beloved Princess Diana. However, she eventually spoke out affectionately about the People’s Princess, and the public largely forgave her. These days, the people of England largely love the queen, and it’s unthinkable to think of something happening to her. However, the Queen of the United Kingdom who was born as Elizabeth Alexandra Mary on April 21, 1926, is now 92 years old. So, it’s inevitable to start wondering what will happen when the queen eventually passes away. Consider some of these things that will happen when Queen Elizabeth dies.

15. Truth is Stranger Than Fiction

In a move that was considered to be in incredibly bad taste to some people, the BBC made and aired a drama based on what may happen in the future when the Queen dies. The television film called Charles III focused on Charles, Prince of Wales the next in line for the throne. It followed the drama that may be in store for him. The film started out with the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II, but how it depicted events isn’t quite how they are likely to unfold.

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