Secrets of Power Couple Jay-Z and Beyoncé

Posted in Lifestyle on Jan 20th, 2019

Think you know everything about the music industry's favorite power couple? Think again! Hip-hop master and producer Jay-Z and his wife singer/songwriter Beyoncé may make headlines nearly every day, but they've still managed to keep some secrets up their sleeves! From past to present, this seemingly perfect pair has some eyebrow-raising aspects of their lives that they'd prefer to keep on the down low. But when you're as famous as these two, the secrets don't stay hidden forever. Get to know some of Jay-Z and Beyoncé's most scandalous secrets by reading the following list.

15. Jay-Z and Infidelity

If you go in for celebrity gossip, you've likely heard rumors that Jay-Z has been less than faithful to beautiful Beyoncé. The rapper and producer seems to have confirmed his womanizing ways on his album 4:4. The artist has stated that his turbulent past is one of the reasons why he feels unable to remain faithful to a woman. Thus far, Beyoncé is standing by her man, but she may want to keep her hubby's wandering eye on the down low even if he does not.

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