The Craziest 1980s Celebrity Scandals You Forgot About

Posted in Lifestyle on Jan 20th, 2019

The 80s was a time of big hair, big shoulder pads, and big performances. When people look back to the 1980s, they think of a decade where everything was larger-than-life. Along with the heart-stopping sounds of rock ’n roll and pyrotechnics that could probably be seen from space, you can bet there were some huge celebrity scandals. After all, the 80s were also the decade of glam bands, cocaine, and big-hair, don’t care.

15. Jimmy Bakker Praise the Cash

Televangelists were huge in the 1980s and none was bigger or had a larger following than Jim Bakker. He and his wife Tammy built a heavenly empire that included their own TV network, a multimillion condo community exclusively for their followers and even a huge theme park complete with a campground. Then Jessica Hahn showed up. Jessica was a church secretary that accused Jimmy Boy of having an affair with her and then paying her to keep quiet. It turned out the accusation was true but by the time Bakker admitted it things had really gotten out of control. The FBI became involved due to some banking issues that came to light, and it turned out that Jim and Tammy had been defrauding the church for years. Bakker ended up moving his ministry into the federal prison system for five years.

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