11 TV Shows that were Canceled because of Controversy

Posted in News on Jan 20th, 2019

Television executives are fickle people with their morality and clean lines drawn in the sand about racist remarks and child molestation. The truth is that they make money when people watch their network. If ABC suffers low ratings because of racist Tweets, then, of course, a show is going to get canceled. As the younger generations grow up and earn more disposable incomes television networks will have to adjust their standard to meet the evolving nature of cultural sensitivity and acceptance. A few of these shows lost their broadcast due to death, addiction, or child abuse and that isn't funny, but if someone gets their show canceled because they're a racist, that's just fantastic.

11. 19 Kids and Counting, Probably Should've Used Birth Control

Television producers canceled 19 Kids and Counting TLC's show about the ultra-conservative, baby-making Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar because their son, Josh Duggar, is a sexual predator. His parents knew about the molestation against five of his sisters as early as 2002, but the couple didn't do anything to protect their daughters, or any other children until the media forced their hand in 2003. Josh Duggar attended a counseling program for four months. However, it's unlikely that a licensed therapist treated Josh Duggar. Jim Bob and Michelle also conveniently forgot the name of the program. It wasn't until an anonymous tip to the Arkansas Child Abuse Hotline in December of 2006 that the Duggar's witnessed consequences for their lack of accountability. Oprah Winfrey canceled their appearance and shortly after television executives from TLC pulled the show off the air. The Duggars released this statement about their situation, "can point people toward faith in God and help others who also have lived through similar dark situations to find help, hope, and healing, as well." We hope Josh Duggar finds himself a comfortable cell with a less-than-friendly roommate where he can spend the rest of his life away from innocent children.

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