15 of the Worst Dressed Stars from the Oscars 2018 (AKA: The Golden Nopes)

Posted in News on Jan 20th, 2019

Hollywood these days has a wealth of "Who Hurt You?" outfits and the drab, boring Princess dresses even Cinderella at her most hobo would say a hard "NO!" to. Yet the selection of commentators lacks the same thing Jennifer Lawrence does, however good she looks in Dior. Gone are the days of Bjork and her swan dress; these days, a bad outfit is a straight up bad outfit. Not Bjork bad. There is no "kooky" about it. When the world tells Evan Rachel Wood she's progressive for wearing a tuxedo, you know we're in a dire state. All that said, the Academy Awards are always good for a little drink-n-judge, and 2018's show provided enough material for Pharrell's shorts and snap back combo a few years ago to be pushed into the best-dressed category. With that in mind, here are my 15 worst dressed celebrities from this year's Oscars ceremony.

15. Adam Rippon Delivers S&M Realness to the Wrong Address

Nice try in shaking things up, Adam Rippon, but for this big daddy dom look I give you a resounding, "please stop." Adam Rippon won the hearts of the nation at this year's winter Olympics, but on seeing this S&M look makes him look way un-harnessed. Not the desired effect, methinks. But he's cute, so he almost gets a pass.

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