2018's Young and the Restless: The Juiciest Spoilers

Posted in News on Jan 20th, 2019

The summer season is just around the corner which can only mean drama in Genoa City is already stirring up! The Young and the Restless has given fans all of the shock, heartbreak, lust, and passion any lover of soap could ask for. With an exciting season ready to kick off, there are plenty of spoilers those of us who hate waiting have got to know. These are 13 of the juiciest spoilers for the upcoming season!

13. The last of Hilary Curtis?

Rumors flared up when Mishael Morgan shared on Twitter that “Hilary is busy taking over another show lol.” Fans panicked that Hilary Curtis would be leaving Genoa City for good, many were quick to wonder if the actress had gotten a new role on another show! Luckily Morgan clarified that she would be making a guest appearance on the game show The Price is Right. Several other Y&R stars have crossed into The Price is Right set such as Joshua Morrow, Dan Goddard, and Doug Davidson. Fans won’t have to miss Hilary or Mishael for too long!

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