21 Celebs With The Craziest On-Set Demands

Posted in News on Jan 20th, 2019

21 Celebs With The Craziest On-Set Demands

When you’ve achieved celebrity status, your needs become priorities, and some stars really love taking advantage of their A-list privileges. Riders lists - celebrity set demands - are granted to anyone who is anyone, and the bigger the name, the stranger the demands! Don’t believe us? These celebrities and their bizarre demands easily prove us right!

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21. Britney Spears

Princess of pop Britney Spears has earned her right to her title and all of the praise a living legend can be awarded. Before a performance at the London O2 Arena, Spears specially requested that a framed photo of Princess Diana be placed in her dressing room. The singer gets some serious inspiration from the late princess.

20. Eric Clapton

Famed guitarist Eric Clapton doesn’t seem like the type of guy to have very high demands, but the weight of his demands will shock you. Clapton made it a priority that a foosball table made it to every single one of his tour destinations. We feel sorry for the guys lugging that thing from city to city!

19. Christina Aguilera

Just like the rest of us, Christina Aguilera despises being stuck in traffic. The singing diva requires a police escort whenever she is headed toward a venue, specifying that “under no circumstances are the vehicles to be allowed to encounter any delays due to traffic.” Must be nice!

18. Prince

Throughout the 90’s Prince was touring the globe, hitting city after city performing his greatest hits. Behind the scenes, Prince requested that a doctor be with him before each show to distribute a shot of vitamin B-12!

17. Paula Abdul

According to an insider who spilled the details on Paula’s demands to US Magazine in 2011, Abdul demands her assistants record every mention of her name on television. The singer has her assistants put everything on a DVD so she can catch up in her downtime!

16. Will Smith

Will Smith has earned the right to live a large and lavish life, and what better way to make sure all his needs are met than having a custom built trailer for himself! The 22 wheeler harbors over a dozen TV screens, thousands of dollars worth of leather interior, and granite countertops, and of course, a fabulous wardrobe room.

15. Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez probably has a short and intimate list of her most trusted interior designers. The singing, acting and dancing triple threat requires her dressing rooms always be completely decked out in all white. From the curtains to the cushions, everything must be white!

14. Will Ferrell

Funnyman Will Ferrell does not surprise when it comes to his strange on-set demands. A flight of stairs on wheels, a fake tree on wheels, a rainbow on wheels and who knows how many more things on wheels, odd is an understatement for Ferrell’s list.

13. Adele

One of the best selling singers of our time, Adele’s rider list is as sophisticated as the English singer herself. Demanding two bottles of wine, the singer has important distinctions- “only the best quality Californian red wine and one bottle of the best quality Californian sauvignon blanc” may be served!

12. Taylor Swift

For some reason, we’re not surprised at all that Taylor Swift’s demand has to do with her Starbucks order. The “Reputation” singer must have her grande iced caramel latte with two sweet-n-lows and grande iced Americano with soy milk delivered to her by 11 a.m. or else she just can’t!

11. Justin Timberlake

Germaphobe Justin Timberlake demands that his assistants disinfect every doorknob around him every two hours. Whether it’s at a concert venue or the hotel he’s staying at, Timberlake refuses to touch any dirty knobs!

10. Katy Perry

Katy Perry has always been sort of an oddball, and her list of snack request just further reminds us how strange the pop singer really is! Instead of going for traditional snacks like chocolate or french fries, Perry asks for dried apples, dry-roasted edamame, and dried pears. We see a theme here!

9. Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez has become somewhat of a heartbreaker after her Disney days, but the “Bad Liar” singer doesn’t move on so quickly. After breaking things off with Justin Bieber, Gomez refused to allow anyone named Justin to work with her. Anyone who did have the name and was precious enough to keep around was given a different name to ease the singer’s mind.

8. Kevin Hart

Married man and father Kevin Hart asks for five women between the ages of 21 and 27 to be at the venue an hour before his event and an hour after. The 39-year-old demands that the women be “athletics and sexy” and must fit into t-shirts sized “extra small, small, and medium.” We wonder if his wife knows about this!

7. Lady Gaga

Bizarre as Gaga may be, her request for a mannequin with puffy pink pubic hair has to be the weirdest thing we’ve ever heard! Other than that, the singer only asks for plenty of tea in her dressing rooms!

6. George Clooney

George Clooney has always been a hot-ticket name in any movie he’s appeared in, and with that status, his request for a hot tub and basketball court installation near his trailer was taken seriously while filming Gravity. 

5. Mary J. Blige

Much like Justin Timberlake, Mary J. Blige cannot deal with the thought of dirt and germs. The singer refuses to use public toilets and makes it known that she will only use private ones. The singer’s entourage brings a load of new toilet seats whenever she goes on tour and replaces used ones with shiny new ones!

4. Cher

Security backstage at a Cher concert must be absolutely chaotic because the singer refuses to wear any form of pass. Not only that, but she will not allow her managers or anyone close to wear them. Her rider urges that people familiarize themselves with important faces because there is no way she’s allowing passes to hang around her neck or ruin a perfect outfit.

3. One Direction

Five twenty-something-year-old boys on a worldwide tour sounds like a very simple recipe for disaster. The boys of One Direction may have been reasonably well behaved, but their rider list required a fridge full of beer, plenty of KFC, and a ping-pong table. And how could we forget, soft toilet paper!

2. Mariah Carey

We already knew that Mariah Carey was a diva in every sense of the word, so it was no surprise that the high note singer has a person who is in charge of throwing away her chewed up gum. Nasty!

1. Kanye West

Usually, rider lists are more geared to cater to a celeb's needs, but Kanye West's list is more concerned with his chauffeurs.  None of his drivers are allowed to roll up in anything that isn't 100% cotton. Coming from a man who has a song called "I Am a God," we can't say we're very shocked.

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