The Best Actors Who Have Never Won an Oscar

Posted in News on Jan 20th, 2019

Even though there’s only a small percentage of actors who have actually won Oscar awards, we generally expect big-name headliners to be at the forefront of Academy Award nominee lists. With every year, there’s a newcomer to the industry who makes it big enough to earn a space in the nominee lineup, but there are dozens of veteran greats who have yet to walk home with a golden trophy who have to watch the newbies take home the awards they deserve! These actors know this feeling too well and have yet to win the highly coveted Oscar award.

20. Ralph Fiennes

Though you know him best as Voldemort from the Harry Potter series, Ralph Fiennes has starred in some of cinemas most recognizable titles. Fiennes has been nominated two times for his phenomenal performances. Nominated for Best Actor in The English Patient and Best Supporting Actor in Schindler’s List, Fiennes has been constantly snubbed despite his many moving performances.

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