The Most Controversial TLC Show Episodes Ever Aired

Posted in News on Jan 20th, 2019

Hard to believe that TLC stands for “The Learning Channel,” isn’t it? Actually, maybe we’re being a little unfair towards it. TLC does teach us things, in a manner of speaking. Like how we shouldn’t have more than three children and that TV psychics aren’t real. Regardless of how we feel about reality television, though, it’s impossible to deny that it’s just the way things are now. That said, some controversial TLC show episodes almost make it less embarrassing. If we’re watching these people to feel good about ourselves, then some episodes manage that even better.

15. Kate Plus 8: Where's Collin?

Once upon a time, Kate Plus 8 was Jon & Kate Plus 8. It was one of the first successful TLC shows wherein people actually found themselves caring about the people. Not so much the adulterous Jon or control freak Kate, but definitely the kids if no one else. That’s why when one of the children, Collin, mysteriously stopped appearing on the show, viewers were confused. They wanted to know if he was okay. In a later episode, Kate revealed that Collin was no longer living with the family due to behavioral challenges. Needless to say, fans did not approve.

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