The Royal Family: Reasons Why They're Not As Strict As You Think They Are

Posted in News on Jan 20th, 2019

For as long as the world can remember, the rules binding the royal family together are generally stricter than any of the rules we grew up with our families. Though the royal family doesn’t technically hold any political power anymore, they are still sure to always be on their best behavior being constant figures in the public eye. While there are plenty of written and unspoken rules royal members must follow, the Queen and her family are a lot less strict than you may think!

12. They're (mildly) accepting of modern fashion

There was a lot more public outrage over Meghan Markle wearing a pair of ripped jeans while on a date with Harry than there was within the royal palace. Typically royals are expected to look properly and professionally put together at all times and from head to toe. Hair must be done, makeup must be subtle, nails must be manicured, and jeans must be patched up. Luckily for the entire family, the rules have flexed at the turn of the century, and new additions to the family like Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle have introduced distressed denim, crossbody bags, and wedged heels to the palace’s royal closets!

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