What's Up with the Mission: Impossible/Justice League Mustache from Hell?

Posted in News on Jan 20th, 2019

Its one of the biggest disasters ever to befall DC occurred within the last couple of years. No, we’re not talking about casting Jared Leto as The Joker. We’re talking about the CGI used to erase Henry Cavill’s Mission Impossible: Fallout mustache. In fact, we’re talking about Hollywood studios being so petty that they’d let somebody else’s movie look bogus instead of production for a few months.

With someone as brusque as Cavill, we even have to wonder if it would even have taken three months for him to grow the facial hair back. Probably not, but in the Hollyworld, logic doesn’t matter, and money is everything. And now Justice League’s Superman looks like Uncanny Valley kicked him out.  Without further ado, let us highlight exactly why hideous CGI is never a good idea.

15. Did Joss Whedon Think We Wouldn't Notice?

When Warner Brothers brought Joss Whedon in to reshape Zack Snyder’s dark vision of the Justice League, many thought he’d work his Avengers magic. He didn’t. However, we can’t blame him for Henry’s mustache. Or Justice League feeling so disjointed it was like having Magneto team up with He-Man. Not when Zack Snyder’s original vision had Wonder Woman wearing a Batsuit if you believe Whedon. Truthfully, there wasn’t much any director could do. Not with Paramount throwing their toys out of the crib. Cavill’s mustache was there to stay, and since magic is an illusion, Whedon had to work with what he had.

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